Ever Wonder ????

Posted by Kelowna Kodiaks Minor Lacrosse on Feb 23 2014 at 09:30PM PST

You see a great play during a hockey game and say …. man, that was trick, how did he do that?

Well, here’s something interesting you might not know!

2014 Olympic Men’s Hockey Team

The no look shot Drew Doughty scored as Canada’s first goal had us wondering whether Drew Doughty ever played lacrosse. A right handed shot defensemen scoring with no look shot from the left side of the ice. That can’t be a coincidence.

Sure enough, Drew played minor lacrosse in London, Ontario. So, we have David Bolland (a former Mimico lacrosse star) scoring a Stanley Cup winning goal and Drew Doughty scoring the only goals for Team Canada in a big game against the Finns. Both were lacrosse players.

Perhaps the brain trust at Hockey Canada should start promoting box lacrosse instead of hockey 365 days per year.