Coach / Assistant Coach evaluations

Posted by Pete Cosgrove on Nov 05 2013 at 05:24PM PST

An important aspect of supporting selection and development of lacrosse coaches in KMLA is to collect feedback from our PLAYERS and secondly from you the parents/guardians of players. While we have asked for paper surveys to be completed over the past few years (or these surveys to be filled out in Word and emailed to our Head Coach), response rates on these surveys have traditionally been very low (i.e., fewer than 5 returned per year, over all divisions/coaches). To alleviate this problem, we have created simple, easy to complete on-line confidential surveys to gather your input. This data is helpful in two directions: (1) providing professional development advice to our coaches, and (2) in making future coaching selections. Hence, your confidential feedback will be used.

Because we do not maintain an active list of PLAYER email addresses or other contact details, please help us pass along the following web links to your son/daughter who played lacrosse this past season:

PLAYER coaching questionnaire:

We are also interested in your impressions of our coaches.

Parent coaching questionnaire:

Thank-you for your support.


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