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p<>. Kinsmen sponsored Learn To Play is scheduled for Wed, Feb 22 at 6:15 PM

Where: CNC indoor sports field
Time: 6:15-7:45
Date: Wed Feb 22nd

p<>. Hope to see everyone there!!!

p<>. 10 reasons to play Lacrosse:

p<>. 1. The fastest sport played on two feet
Lacrosse is the fastest sport that is being played on two feet. It is an absolute adrenaline rush to run across the field with your team members and participate in such a fast paced game. Even watching impressive, do not you think? No imagine being there and playing lacrosse yourself. So go and try it. The experience is worth it.

p<>. 2. The size does not matter
You might know this sentence from another context, but we mean your height. It does not matter how tall you are at lacrosse, you have any disadvantage. You pass through small gaps, can go unnoticed scurrying past opponents and so on. With the right technique, which you logically are going to learn during the training, you can avoid being tackled, you will even be able to tackle other players yourself. And that is only one of the 10 reasons to play lacrosse.

p<>. 3. Helps to be more dynamic in other sports
The speed of the game and all the basic skills you gain through this sport, will improve your skills in other sports. Lacrosse is so versatile that you train the whole body and all his abilities. If you do not want to focus on this sport, you can use it as an additional training for another sport.

p<>. 4. You are a part of a team
Lacrosse is a special sport, in which teambuilding is very important. In tournaments, for example, there are often pick-up teams participating. And no, they do not have the chocolate bar of a sponsor, but these teams are put together of many different players of different teams. They cannot come with their own team, because, for example, the team cannot come, they are not enough players or something like that. However, you do not notice them as a pick-up team. They seem like a long trained, perfectly functioning team. As a lacrosse team member you are a member of a family. How the musketeers said: “One for all and all for one!”. That is normally also the motto of a lacrosse team.

p<>. 5. It combines many sporting skills
As already mentioned above, lacrosse is a very versatile sport and this is a good one of the 10 reasons to play lacrosse. The speed, the coordination, the power, the team spirit, the reaction, the precision and many other abilities are greatly demanded and trained and so the result is remarkably clear. Lacrosse is a sport in which many skills are required, that is one specialty of this sport, so it would be worth it to ty at least once.

p<>. 6. You find new friends
As mentioned above, there is a certain feeling of family in the team. And that is why playing lacrosse is great chance to meet people like yourself. But it is not only limited to your team. In lacrosse all players are a large lacrosse family. On the field, you are indeed rivals, but outside of the field, you are brothers and sisters. Everybody is related, there is no dispute or hate. That is why almost every tournament ends with a awesome party!

p<>. 7. The possibility to do something special
Lacrosse is not the kind of sport, you see every day. Perhaps that is the reason that prevents you from trying. But why? Playing lacrosse, is also precisely special because only few people do it. Lacrosse is an absolutely incomparable sport. It is not like: “Oh I do not like Ice Hockey, then I do not like field hockey as well. It is necessary to try lacrosse so then you can talk about experience.

p<>. 8. It is a challenge
One of the 10 reasons to play lacrosse is that it can be a challenge for you. Any sport that you must learn is a challenge, but not every sport is such a big challenge as lacrosse. As I said lacrosse is very versatile, so that means you have to develop many different things. It is a challenge to grow beyond yourself. It also provides small challenges like: What position is the right one for me? Or the Fastest Shot Contest at the most tournaments.

p<>. 9. A safe sport
Many of you may think: ‘What? A safe sport? Does she even know lacrosse?’ Yes, I do. However, due to the protective equipment lacrosse is for example in Canada the number 54 on the list of sports where you can get hurt easily. You think it is near the top? But do you notice 53 different sports?

p<>. 10. It is a lot of fun
Lacrosse is a sport full of fun. In the points which have been mentioned above, how could it not be full of fun? You are integrated in a huge community immediately, you can enjoy a workout with your friends, it is absolutely good for your health and also running around and hitting people with sticks…How’s that not fun?

p<>. We hope we were able to convince you with our 10 reasons to play lacrosse, or at least to give it a try. It would be even better if you were already a lacrosse player and shared our opinion.


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